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fallWell, technically it starts tomorrow.  But it’s close enough.  I love the fall season. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy life at a slower pace before the holiday madness begins.

We’ll finally get a break from the high humidity and heat, even if we do have to sacrifice an hour or two of daylight in the evening.  Football is back in full swing. The fair comes to town. There are lots of movie premieres to look forward to. And my family starts planning the annual Halloween party.

And one of the best ways to relax in the cooler weather is sitting on the patio with a big mug of coffee while reading a good book.

Any recommendations?       coffee book


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Don’t forget that my special guest tomorrow is author Daisy Harris!  She will be sharing excerpts from her book Lust After Death, and you won’t want to miss it!

Check back again to participate in her Book Blast, and remember that she will be awarding a gift card to a lucky commenter.

Daisy Harris

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Wow – what a cover! My friend, Kate Patrick, has a new book coming out on September 26th, through Siren-BookStrand Publishing.  She will be my featured guest in a few days as she shares a little about her new Erotic Romance release. Stop back by soon, and see what teasers she will share about MEMPHIS HEAT.  Here is sneak peek.  I can feel the flames already!


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UPDATE Bflyzone and Herba are winners.  My daughter pulled out two names by mistake but I figured, what the heck?  I’ll send you both a book.  I sent a message to your individual blogs, but if you’ll email me a mailing address to joanchandler13@gmail.com, I will get those books in the mail right away!


I’m feeling very festive today.  As you already know (if you read all my posts), there was a mistake made when BookStrand uploaded my new book, No Regrets.  All the italics were missing.  So names of books, foreign words and inner thoughts were all in regular font.  I reported it to the publisher, but didn’t expect them to be able to correct the problem since it was already available for purchase.  But thanks to Lena and Kathryn at BookStrand, they DID get it fixed, and have told me the correct version is now the one that will be downloaded for anyone who buys No Regrets.    That news makes me very happy.

Also, I just read a new review on Goodreads for my first book, Perfectly Imperfect.  It was a great review, and I’m on cloud nine after having read it.  Why was it so great?  It’s not that she had nothing but praise for my book because she definitely took the time to point out both pros and cons.  In fact, it was really honest.  She said it was a bit too “ooey-gooey” for her tastes, and compared it to Harlequin (which wasn’t a bad thing in my opinion!).  But she also highlighted some things she really did like in the book, which I certainly appreciated.  And finally, she gave it the highest compliment any author could hope for…she said she would read it again.  Is there any better review than for a reader to say that, having invested the time once already in your book, they will go back to page one and start all over, just to experience it a second time?  Yep, that’s the pinnacle!

So I am smiling today.  And I want to share my happiness.  To celebrate the release of No Regrets, I am giving away a paperback copy of my first book, Perfectly Imperfect.  All you have to do to be in the running is leave me a comment or “like” today’s post.  Then, tomorrow I’ll pick someone at random as the winner.  I will contact you through your blog to let you know you’ve won, and you can email me back the shipping details.  My email address is joanchandler13@gmail.com.

Before you enter, please be advised that my first release is categorized an erotic romance, rather than mainstream.  So it is still just a love story between one man and one woman, but the language is more graphic.  So if that offends anyone, you might not want to leave me a comment today.     🙂

But I hope to hear from you all!  Have a wonderful Sunday.

RAinbow rose

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Today Siren-BookStrand sent me the edits for my newest book, a contemporary sensual romance novel called No Regrets. I actually held off on opening the file for a little while, as I tried to mentally prepare myself for what I’d find.   After about twenty minutes, I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and I downloaded the file and began to scan through all the pages.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see how little they suggested needed a revision!  I guess I DID learn something from my first experience with Perfectly Imperfect.  🙂

Even though this is my second novel to get published, it was actually the very first one I wrote, and I started it nearly twenty years ago.  Of course, I made several passes through the manuscript before I ever submitted it.  I knew I needed to update it before pitching it to any publisher.

In reading and revising the book, I couldn’t help but stop and think about how much has changed in the time since I started that novel, and when BookStrand accepted it for publication.

For one, I was still in my twenties when I began it.  Now, I’m nearing my fifties.  I still feel thirty-five.  How can I possibly be almost half a century???  It’s a real mystery.  But I guess it’s better to be older than you feel than to feel older than you really are.  So I can’t complain.

I also had yet to experience the thrill of motherhood, although I was actually in the early stages of my first pregnancy when I penned the first page.  Now that child is about to start his sophomore year of college.  Really???  Huh, I guess I really am almost fifty!

Back then, people still used landline phones, and it was common to talk about “picking up the receiver” or “dialing a number”. Most of those phrases had to be removed and replaced with up-to-date lingo.  Now, many people use their cell phones exclusively and don’t even have a residential phone line.  To take it one step further, so much of our everyday communication is now done with email or texting.  We can actually keep in touch and yet go weeks without actually hearing our friend or family member’s voice.

Because the hero in my book is a jet-setting attorney, and the heroine flies to Germany on a short job assignment, air travel and airports are mentioned several times throughout my story.  But two-thirds of the book was written pre-9/11.  In those days, it was common to walk with your husband or boyfriend back to the gate so you could keep him company until his plane boarded.  Then – if you were anything like me – you’d stand in the windows and watch as the passengers made their way to their seats on the plane.  I was always so excited if I could actually see him in his window seat!  Now, of course, airport protocol is entirely different.  You can only go as far as the security checkpoints in most terminals.  Then you have to separate.  And there is no way you can watch through the window as his plane takes off.  Those days are gone.  I had to change many entire passages of dialogue as I prepared my manuscript for submission based on these air travel scenes alone.  What was common behavior in the past is now strictly prohibited.

     * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am so excited to make these final changes to No Regrets, and I am anxiously awaiting its official release on July 15th through BookStrand.  But with all the “looking back” behind me as I trimmed away outdated terminology for modern day replacements, I am now looking forward to what the next twenty years will bring my way.  I’m sure it will be amazing and full of new inventions we haven’t even dreamed of yet.


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This Sunday is Easter, a day that has important religious significance for many people.  It also brings to mind images of colorful eggs, easter baskets and the easter bunny.  Therefore, this week’s Fairy Tale Friday selection is The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams .  Even though this beloved children’s book was first published in 1922, it escaped my notice until my first child was born and by chance I bought the book for him.

I love this story because it reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  No matter how old and worn the stuffed animal gets, the boy’s love abides and he remains his constant companion.  It also touches on the theme of making a wish and then holding fast to that dream.  While playing in the woods with his owner, the velveteen rabbit observes real bunnies hopping and jumping.  More than anything, the rabbit wants to become a real bunny so he can hop and jump with the boy too.  He has heard that if a companion loves a toy with all his heart, then he can become real.  And, once real, he will never be a toy again. 

When the boy is later stricken with scarlet fever, he is very sick.  He finally pulls through, but strict orders are given to burn anything that may have the virus’ germs on it, to prevent reinfection.  Heartbroken at the thought of being forever separated from his playmate, the rabbit cries a real tear.  Then, magically, the Nursery Fairy appears.  She tells him that only a heart full of true love could have produced that tear, and she grants his wish to become real.  The bunny scurries off into the woods.

The next year, the now healthy boy returns home and gets a glimpse of one of the bunnies playing near his home.  He is reminded of his old faithful friend, the Velveteen Rabbit.  But he never realizes they are one and the same.

Very few childrens’ books can bring me to tears.  Love You Forever is one that can.  The Velveteen Rabbit is another one.

This Easter weekend, I hope you have a blessed holiday.  And I hope you’ll all keep dreaming big dreams.  And may they all come true.  After all, we all want our happily ever after, don’t we?


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This weekend was so exciting.  I attended the Silken Sands conference on Pensacola Beach, FL.  I was able to meet and mingle with many other people:  some writers, some readers, some published, and some who are still dreaming of that thrill.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there were some “literary all-stars” there too.  Barbara Vey  (from Publishers Weekly), Beverley Kendall (noted Historical Romance Author), Holly Blanck (editor with St. Martin’s Press), Lucienne Diver (author and agent from The Knight Agency), Jennie Bent (owner of The Bent Agency), Sandy Sullivan (owner of Secret Cravings Publishing).  There were many more published authors there too – far too many to start naming!

As you know, it was only recently that my debut novel was published.  So to be in a room with so much talent and vision was really thrilling for me.  Most importantly, it was inspiring.  I stayed very busy the entire weekend, and hopefully have some newly acquired skills that will help me be an even better writer in the future.

I came home literally bursting with ideas, on fire to get the laptop out and start writing.  I am trying to wrap up edits on my next novel, No Regrets (a mainstream contemporary romance set in Germany).  While doing that, my mind is in a whirl as I weigh out the pros and cons of epublishing versus traditional for my two YA manuscripts.  I originally went the traditional path but got a string of rejections (including one from the aforementioned The Knight Agency, but I’m sure in their original form I deserved it!!) before deciding to table that particular dream.  It was then that I wrote my erotic romance, Perfectly Imperfect, which was picked up by Siren BookStrand.  There is a part of me that still very much wants to have an agent and see my books on the library shelf, B&N and BAM.  After meeting Lucienne Diver, I almost have my nerve up to try again.  We’ll see! But I have to do edits first…I’ve learned so much in the last two years that I can apply to those finished manuscripts to make them much more marketable.

And to a very large extent, I owe my fellow chapter members a huge debt of gratitude for coaching me in the finer art of writing and getting published.  Some women definitely stand out among the rest with how they took me under their wing and volunteered to share their “lessons learned” with me.  Others in the group are inspiring simply by how prolific they have been, and yet still so down to earth and with how accessible they make themselves to all the “newbies”.  The Gulf Coast Chapter of the RWA organization is truly THE place to be if you are dreaming the dream!  To anyone who lives along the coast of LA, MS, AL and FL, I invite you to join us!

So the conference is now a memory, after its conclusion yesterday.  But I choose to look at it as a beginning.  I am excited to see where I go from here.  Hopefully, I’ll have an awesome success story to share one day, just as Beverley Kendall does!

SIDE NOTE TO MY “RA” PALS:  Yes, Kate Patrick was there, and she had Little Guy with her as well!  I only got a photo or two, and she took a few too (authors Cynthia Eden and Paula Hardin met him and humored us by acting impressed as they posed – thanks ladies!)

Little GUy on a foggy St Patrick's Day morn!

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