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UPDATE:  A Calculated Risk had its release day September 16, 2014!!

It is now available for purchase.  Thanks to everyone who supported me during the writing process, and to those who have already gotten their copy.





Some exciting news!  I have signed with Secret Cravings Publishing for my next book, A Calculated Risk. I have just finished the second round of edits, so it’s moving along quickly now.  My release date is scheduled for some time in September, if all goes well. I will be sharing more about this in the coming weeks. ACalculatedRisk_Draft

  Dawne’ Dominique has done a beautiful job with my cover.  I love it!!


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What if you grew up with an older sister who was obsessed with weddings?  One who was always sketching out designs on scraps of paper, then made you stand perfectly still as she draped bed linens around you and straight pinned them until they resembled bridal gowns.  One who was constantly doodling elaborately decorated wedding cakes on napkins, then practiced in the family kitchen with Betty Crocker mixes and let you sample them.  How would that shape your ideas about love and romance?

In my soon to be released Bama Bride, Neal Sinclair has had just such a childhood.  By the time she’s grown, she’s ready for her own fairy tale, Cinderella story.  All she needs is the right Prince Charming.

bride and groom cake top

I am pleased to announce that BookStrand Publishing has set the release date for my newest book for April 2013.  Only two more months to wait!  I am very excited about this sweet contemporary romance, and will be sharing more information in the coming weeks.

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The remainder of today, and all day tomorrow, will likely be very hectic. I can’t be sure that I’ll have a chance to pop on the computer and update my blog.  So I wanted to take a moment now to say I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday, and a very merry Christmas.

The headlines over the last ten days or so have included many things that do not bring smiles to our faces.  The tragedy in Connecticut, which I cannot even read about without crying;  the tornado that touched down where I live, damaging homes and businesses right before Christmas;  the sad stories in the newspaper about “the neediest families”, which will break your heart and make you want to clean out your savings account to make sure those kids have a spectacular day tomorrow.

But, as the old saying goes, there are two sides to every coin, and we should also think about the positive things that have been in the news.  Amid the horrifying tales of unthinkable loss in Newtown, CT, there are also stories of incredibly brave teachers and support staff, as well as the surviving children themselves.  Despite a pre-dawn tornado, that struck while most people were still asleep, there were no reports of fatalities or even serious injury.  The storm’s path came within 100 yards of my office, and yet we never even lost power.  That is pretty miraculous to me.  And though we are aware of others who are much more unfortunate than we are, the rest of us have the privilege of giving so that others might receive.  Especially at this time of year.

My wish is that each of you find a quiet moment to relax and enjoy the day.  Hopefully you’re spending time connecting with friends or family.  HOpefully Santa will bring you just what you wanted most, and may the coming year bring many blessings your way.

Happy holidays,




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UPDATE Bflyzone and Herba are winners.  My daughter pulled out two names by mistake but I figured, what the heck?  I’ll send you both a book.  I sent a message to your individual blogs, but if you’ll email me a mailing address to joanchandler13@gmail.com, I will get those books in the mail right away!


I’m feeling very festive today.  As you already know (if you read all my posts), there was a mistake made when BookStrand uploaded my new book, No Regrets.  All the italics were missing.  So names of books, foreign words and inner thoughts were all in regular font.  I reported it to the publisher, but didn’t expect them to be able to correct the problem since it was already available for purchase.  But thanks to Lena and Kathryn at BookStrand, they DID get it fixed, and have told me the correct version is now the one that will be downloaded for anyone who buys No Regrets.    That news makes me very happy.

Also, I just read a new review on Goodreads for my first book, Perfectly Imperfect.  It was a great review, and I’m on cloud nine after having read it.  Why was it so great?  It’s not that she had nothing but praise for my book because she definitely took the time to point out both pros and cons.  In fact, it was really honest.  She said it was a bit too “ooey-gooey” for her tastes, and compared it to Harlequin (which wasn’t a bad thing in my opinion!).  But she also highlighted some things she really did like in the book, which I certainly appreciated.  And finally, she gave it the highest compliment any author could hope for…she said she would read it again.  Is there any better review than for a reader to say that, having invested the time once already in your book, they will go back to page one and start all over, just to experience it a second time?  Yep, that’s the pinnacle!

So I am smiling today.  And I want to share my happiness.  To celebrate the release of No Regrets, I am giving away a paperback copy of my first book, Perfectly Imperfect.  All you have to do to be in the running is leave me a comment or “like” today’s post.  Then, tomorrow I’ll pick someone at random as the winner.  I will contact you through your blog to let you know you’ve won, and you can email me back the shipping details.  My email address is joanchandler13@gmail.com.

Before you enter, please be advised that my first release is categorized an erotic romance, rather than mainstream.  So it is still just a love story between one man and one woman, but the language is more graphic.  So if that offends anyone, you might not want to leave me a comment today.     🙂

But I hope to hear from you all!  Have a wonderful Sunday.

RAinbow rose

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Jinger Heaston is officially on my list of favorite people right now.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover for my new book, No Regrets! And I have to say, I don’t think I would regret anything I did with that man either!

Release date has been moved up to July 11th.  Can’t wait!

Cover by Jinger Heaston


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It’s the start of a new week.  I’m trying to stay very positive.  Today is my daughter’s birthday party.  My son is home from college for Spring Break.  The writer’s conference (Silken Sands) begins on Friday which means not only will I get a day off from work, but I’ll get to mix and mingle with my writer friends and meet some new ones too.  ALso, I’m reminded of what a dream come true it is that this year I am participating as a published author myself!  Still so exciting to think about that!!!

So since I’m feeling very happy this morning, here is a “feel good” video I make for Kate Patrick’s book and mine.



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