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UPDATE:  A Calculated Risk had its release day September 16, 2014!!

It is now available for purchase.  Thanks to everyone who supported me during the writing process, and to those who have already gotten their copy.





Some exciting news!  I have signed with Secret Cravings Publishing for my next book, A Calculated Risk. I have just finished the second round of edits, so it’s moving along quickly now.  My release date is scheduled for some time in September, if all goes well. I will be sharing more about this in the coming weeks. ACalculatedRisk_Draft

  Dawne’ Dominique has done a beautiful job with my cover.  I love it!!


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Christmas tree and fireplace

December is a busy month for many reasons, chief among them all the holiday related hustle and bustle.  But it’s shaping up to be very busy related to new book releases, too.

Mark your calendars for the following dates when I will have guest bloggers.

12/4 – Kate Patrick    “Love Beyond the Curve“, a mainstream contemporary romance

12/12 – Daisy Harris Lust After Death“, a paranormal romance

12/17 – Cynthia Gail Winter’s Magic“, a contemporary romance

For both Daisy and Cynthia’s blogs, these are in partnership with Goddess Fish, and you can go to their facebook or twitter page any time to see who is hosting release parties or excerpt tour blogs.  In fact, I am participating in a Goddess Fish Party today, along with several other writers, so go check them out and see if you discover a new favorite author.  Go to www.blogger.com and look for Goddess Fish Party Pavillion.

Goddess Fish Party

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