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UPDATE:  A Calculated Risk had its release day September 16, 2014!!

It is now available for purchase.  Thanks to everyone who supported me during the writing process, and to those who have already gotten their copy.





Some exciting news!  I have signed with Secret Cravings Publishing for my next book, A Calculated Risk. I have just finished the second round of edits, so it’s moving along quickly now.  My release date is scheduled for some time in September, if all goes well. I will be sharing more about this in the coming weeks. ACalculatedRisk_Draft

  Dawne’ Dominique has done a beautiful job with my cover.  I love it!!

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SBB Manless in Montclair Banner copy

Today I am pleased to partner with Goddess Fish once again, to introduce you to MANLESS IN MANHATTAN, by author Amy Holman Edelman.  I’m happy to host Amy today for her book tour, and the first thing you’ll notice is that her book has quite an eye-catching cover.  It makes me immeidately want to dive into the book and discover the story behind this woman whose eyes we cannot see!

Amy will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.  Be sure to participate so you can be in the running for this great giveaway.

MEDIA KIT Book Cover


Being short with big boobs means living life off-balance. Isabel knows this all too well; at five feet nothing with a tendency to tip over in heels, she’s struggled for twenty-five years to make clothes, careers and boyfriends fit. Enter Michael. Divorced father, recovering alcoholic and fifteen years her senior–he was the last guy she thought would make the cut. But when he proposed over a pastrami sandwich in a NYC deli on the anniversary of their first date, Isabel knew, improbably, that he was the one.

Fifteen mostly happy years and two kids later, Isabel walks into her living room to discover her husband dead on the floor, leaving her a widow at forty-one. At Michael’s funeral, a guest solemnly informs her that the official mourning period for a Jewish widow is thirty days. At the moment, Isabel can’t imagine a time when she will stop grieving. Not helping the process is this: as a single mom living in the very married suburbs, for the first time in fifteen years Isabel once again just doesn’t fit in.

It takes her four year-old daughter’s request for a new daddy to set Isabel on a journey through online dating, shifty matchmakers and painfully orchestrated single dinners. But after endless dates, a torrid affair with an unemployed, passive-aggressive neighbor and a story on page three of the New York Daily News, Isabel begins to realize that another man may not be the answer and, surprisingly, that’s when things begin to change for the better…

Excerpt :

“So what number are you up to now?” my mom asked over dessert at a nearby restaurant. She had stopped for an early dinner after meeting a client in New York and was taking advantage of the few minutes we had alone while the kids were in the bathroom.

“What do you mean ‘what number’?”

“You know…how many men?”

Uh-oh, I thought. “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” she said, leaning in confidentially, “I heard somewhere that dating is really just a numbers game. The twenty-eighth guy you meet,” she said, “will be the one.”

“Really? What about the first twenty-seven?”

“I don’t know. Practice?”

“Hmmm. Do I have to date ’em only once? Or do they only count if they’re a multiple date?”

“Gee,” my mother said thoughtfully, tapping her manicured fingernails on the tablecloth. “I’m not sure.”

“And do I have to sleep with the twenty-seven prior to number twenty-eight? Or just maybe dinner?”

“Well…maybe dinner and a movie.”

“Does coffee count?”


 Amy Holman Edelman lives in New Jersey with her husband, children and Irish Jack Russell, Roxy.  She is the also author ofThe Little Black Dress (’97).            





Follow the book tour at these other wonderful sites, and increase your chances of being a winner of that Amazon gift card by leaving comments.  You will discover new delightful blogs along the way from these other goddess fish partners, too!

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Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is a great year for you.


My friend, Kate Patrick, and I rang in the new year in a movie theater watching The Hobbit in 3-D for the second time.  We both had a tumultuous 2012, and we wanted a sure thing.  We knew nearly three hours of Richard Armitage on the big screen would be a guaranteed good time, and we were not disappointed!



Be sure to stop back by tomorrow when I’m featuring author B J Scott and will be introducing you to her book, HIGHLAND QUEST.  I am a long time fan of Karen Marie Moning (especially her highlander books) so I’m looking forward to finding out more about Ms. Scott’s book myself!

SBB Hightland Quest Book Cover Banner copy

She will also be giving commenters many chances to win various things, including a $50 Amazon gift card!  So you certainly want to get in the running for those!  Other items include a canvas tote bag, a mouse pad, a pen, book thong, bookmark, can cooler, magnet, and key chain.



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January 2013 is shaping up to be a very busy month for book tours, as I’m partnering again wtih Goddess Fish on several!  Here are some dates you may want to jot down.  Stop back by in the upcoming days and weeks and find out more about these great authors and their newest releases.

Jan 2  – HIGHLAND QUEST by B J Scott

Jan 8  – MANLESS IN MONTCLAIR by Amy Holman

Jan 16 – FOR LOVE OF SARAH by Hazel Statham

Jan 29 – ROUGH HARBOR by Andrea Stein

Jan 30 – HOLDING OFF FOR A HERO by Gail MacMillan

Many of these authors will have free giveaways, so not only will you benefit by learning about interest grabbing books, but you may win a gift card or two, too!

Goddess Fish Party

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Be sure to stop by tomorrow when my special guest is Cynthia Gail.  She will be sharing excerpts from her book, Winter’s Magic.  It is a contemporary romance set in Nashville, Tennessee.

BBT Winter's Magic Banner copy

I love the title of this book, and the weather where I live has certainly felt like winter, so it’s a timely read.

Ms. Gail is also offering free giveaways, so you’ll be interested in learning how to be in the running for that too.  See you tomorrow!



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Okay, just one more night to wait until I see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!  Been waiting well over a year for this and it’s finally here.  I’m so tempted to make the midnight show, but I know my boss wouldn’t appreciate it tomorrow when I fell asleep at my desk.  Sigh…guess I’ll just have to wait until the afternoon when Kate Patrick can go with me!

RA Thorin Oakenshield

After that, I’ll be gearing up to host Cynthia Gail on her blog tour to promote her book, Winter’s Magic, in partnership with Goddess Fish.  It’s a contemporary romance that I know you’ll enjoy, so be sure to stop back by on Monday, 12/17, to learn more from the author herself!

BBT Winter's Magic Banner copy

She is also giving away goodies, so treat yourself with a chance to be in the running!  Cynthia will be awarding three randomly drawn commenters during the tour one of three prizes: a $10 Starbucks GC, a $10 Amazon GC, and a $10 Soul Mate Publishing GC.

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Don’t forget that author Daisy Harris will be promoting her book, Lust After Death, this Wednesday, December 12th.  This book is published by Ellora’s Cave.

Here is a sneak peek at her cover…I think it’s sexy with just the right hint of darkness.  And how intriguing is that title?  Lust After Death – I’m hooked already and haven’t even gotten to page one!

Lust After Death

Daisy will be awarding a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and a Walking Dead T-Shirt to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US & Canada Only). 

I know you want to get in the running for that!  So be sure to check back Wednesday for this stop on Daisy’s blog tour, in partnership with Goddess Fish.

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Kate Patrick is joining me once again, this time to promote her THIRD book, Love Beyond the Curve.  This is also released through BookstrandPublishing.com.



Wow, Kate!  Three releases in one year.  2012 has been very good for you.  I’m thrilled to have you back for a “three-peat” visit, so let’s jump right into it.  By now you know the drill, so I’ll just fire away some questions and you can answer them for our readers.

Where does your inspiration come from when you start a new book?

 Kate:   It’s usually a song from the radio or a CD I’m listening to in the car.  Some part of the lyrics spark a mini-movie in my head, and it sticks.  Before I know it, I’ve woven a complete backstory for the couple, and it must go on paper!  Music plays a HUGE part in my writing. It can make you feel sexy, sassy, sensuous, lonely, sad… the list is endless.

The perfect song for this story came after I’d written it.  It is the song, Little Things, by One Direction. I can see Reed singing this song to Charlotte, and it is very sweet and endearing.


How would you categorize your writing style?


Kate:   I would say I write very steamy contemporary romance.  I write love  stories that are about a passionate romance that ignites between a man and woman and cannot be ignored.  When I write love scenes, I try to give a lot of details so the reader can sense            unmistakable “chemistry” between the lovers.  It is not filled with      random, casual sex. My readers will get a “happily ever after”.   I guess my philosophy toward writing is that people are so busy with   daily life, that I want to offer an escape with a story that can become a fantasy for the reader.  Hopefully, they will end up with a satisfied grin on their face!


Your newest story centers around the relationship of a“curvy girl” and  her handsome landlord.  Why did you choose to use a plus-sized heroine for this story?


Kate:     I am “curvy” myself.  I think it is safe to say I wrote this book for ALL curvy girls who have read hundreds of romance stories, and watched romantic movies where the only curvy girls in sight are the loyal best friends of the heroine, or someone that was meant to be the “oh so not going to happen in a million years” girl the hero passes on for the thinner heroine of the story or movie.  I wanted the beautiful heroine to love herself as she was, and that confidence and beauty to be recognized and found to be extremely sexy by the gorgeous hero.  Most women deal with weight issues whether it’s an extra ten pounds or a hundred pounds. We are all beautiful and sexy and there are men that see us as being just that, and they don’t have a third eye slapped in the middle of their foreheads!


Why did you once again choose Memphis as the setting for your book?


Kate:   For some reason I saw this character as a nurse, and thought she would be wonderful to work in the pediatric unit.  St. Jude’s Research Hospital came to mind because I do a walk for St. Jude’s each year.  It is located in Memphis, so that had to be the setting for this book, too.


Do you have any advice for those writers out there who are still seeking publication of their first novel?  


Kate:   Join the nearest chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA).  This made the difference for me.  This group is comprised of published and non-published writers of all genres.  They can offer advice through critique sessions on how to really polish your work before submitting it.  They are also there to give you advice on how to navigate the publishing process. Writing contests are sponsored by chapters all over the country. Judges will send feedback and suggestions on your entries, which will prove invaluable when wanting to know what can make your book more marketable.  Above all, never give up. Believe in yourself.


You know I had pre-ordered my copy, Kate.  I couldn’t wait for the 4th to finally arrive so I could download it.  Best of luck with this new book.  Now, please leave us with an excerpt that will give us a hint about Charlotte Hamilton and Reed Jackson.


Excerpt FromLove Beyond the Curve:


             “Reed, I’m going to lift you up enough to give you some more pain medication.  It will help you stay more comfortable.  I don’t want you to go too long without it.  We need to keep it coming until the worst is over.  I’m going to ease you up and give you the pill now.” She leaned over him and slipped her arm underneath to lift him up. As she did, her breasts were right over his face. 

“I’ve thought about this more than once you know, but I wasn’t incapacitated at the time.  God, you smell good.  All clean and soapy.”   Reed easily confessed his thoughts while still under the influence of strong painkillers.

Charlotte laughed her warm, throaty laugh, and held the glass for him to drink water with the pill.   “You smell good yourself, Jackson.  I gave you a bath before I tucked you in.”

“Sorry I missed it.  You didn’t take advantage of me, did you?  I wouldn’t have minded, Charlotte.” He grabbed her wrist as she eased him back onto the pillows.

“No, Jackson, I didn’t take advantage of you.  In fact, Tyler and Joe were watching me the whole time, just to be sure I behaved myself.” She laughed again as she took his wrist in her hand to check his pulse rate. 

“That sounds kind of kinky, Hamilton. I would never have figured you for the dangerous type.” He groggily flirted with her as she put a thermometer in his ear to check his temperature.

“You’d be surprised about a lot of things I’m into, Jackson.  Now stop your fantasizing and go back to sleep.”

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THis time last year, I was in final edits for my debut novel, Perfectly Imperfect, with Siren-BookStrand.  This was the story of a woman who had struggled with weight problems all her life.  Even though she had finally made great progress toward slimming down, she still saw herself as that “fat girl” who had been teased as a child.  It took a special man to break through her poor self-image and convince her that she was beautiful both inside and out, and that what she saw as imperfections with her body made her absolutely perfect in his eyes.

At the time I had been finishing up that manuscript – long before I’d even pitched it to anyone – one morning as I was driving to work, my dear friend Kate Patrick called me from her own morning commute to urgently tell me to tune in a certain radio station so I could hear a new song.  She said it was as if it was written for my book.  I hastily changed stations and heard it for the first time.  That song such an exact match for my story that it brought tears to my eyes.  It was Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are.

Fast forward about a year, and now Kate Patrick has a new book about to be released, called Love Beyond the Curve.  It, too, is about a woman who doesn’t look exactly like a model.  Yes, that mean she is voluptuous, doesn’t wear a size 2, and struggles with her weight just like so many of us women do.

This week, I heard a new song on the radio and immediately thought of her.  BUt I get sattelite radio and she doesn’t, so I couldn’t call her and tell her to listen in.  But, as if by magic, last night we were running an errand together in my vehicle, and suddenly that song began to play.  I yelled out, “Listen to this song!”  A hush fell in the car (including even my youngest child) as we listened to the hauntingly beautiful melody and the spot-on words the singers sang.    I hadn’t previously had a chance to tell her about it, but it only took a line or two for her to realize its significance.  She looked at me and said, “THis is perfect for my new book!”  And it is.

The band is, in my opinion, one of the most unlikely ones to have a song like this out.  I’m not sure even one member of the band is older than 19.  At the most, maybe one or two of them are now 20 or 21 years old.  But this young boy band (and I’m sure they’d despise knowing I called them that) has hit on a song that should become an anthem for all women looking for love.

As each verse enumerates various things the object of his affection doesn’t like about herself (quirky habits, her voice on tape, a penchant for overindulging but then still trying to squeeze into her old jeans, the dimples on her lower back just above her hips, talking in her sleep, etc) a beautiful chorus is repeated which basically reaffirms that all those things are what make him love her.  In fact, to quote a line from the song, he tells her “It’s YOU they add up to.”

The song is “Little Things”, by the British band One Direction (or 1D as my niece says).  I would have never expected such an inspiring song to come out of such a hot, young band.  But I think it was an excellent decision on their part, as well as their producers, because so many girls and women can relate to feeling like the girl in the song.  And they all have hope they’ll meet a guy like the one singing it, who embraces those imperfections and finds beauty and charm in them.

Check out the song for yourself.  I think you’ll love it.  But also, be sure to check out Kate Patrick’s LOVE BEYOND THE CURVE, coming out December 4th through Siren-BookStrand, and soon thereafter on Amazon and Barnes &Noble.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

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For most football fans,  watching a close game is much more thrilling than one where the score is so far apart that by late in the third quarter the third string has taken the field and the first string guys are sitting on the benches with their helmets off.  Probably with the exception of the parents of those third string guys, most of us find it much more exhilarating to watch a nail-biting matchup where there is a constant flip-flop of which team is on top.

And if your team is behind, and there’s about a minute and a half of time left on the clock, watching them execute a darn-near perfect drive to make that TD that puts them back on top of the scoreboard as the clock winds down – well, it’s pretty much a perfect moment.

Last night. I watched just such a game.  A lot of fans were heartbroken at the end of the fourth quarter.  A lot of others were hitting the rewind button (because you know true fans always Tivo the game!)  to watch that beautiful final drive once or twice more.

As the QB stood next to his coach to speak to the commentator, he repeated what his coach has said every season – each game is sixty minutes.  And you have to keep playing for that full sixty.  For that particular team, truer words had never been spoken, because it was the last ninty seconds that won the game for them last night.

Yesterday morning, I sat at a coffee shop surrounded by my local writing chapter friends, and listened to guest speaker, author Lauren Clark, talk about the same thing, except she was talking about the writing process.  I don’t think the word football ever came up during the meeting, but in hindsight, I can easily compare her presentation to the football game that thrilled viewers last night.

A lot of people think to be a successful writer, all you need is a good story.  But Ms. Clark reminded us that the story is only step one.  Writing a manuscript gives you something to work with, but it doesn’t end there.  You have to keep polishing, tweaking and revising it until you believe it is the best it can possibly be before you go on to the next step.

From there, you have to pitch it until someone agrees to accept it for publication.  Then there is always another round of editing.  Next comes the publicity piece of the puzzle.  For me, this is the most challenging part.  My publisher does a little bit of promotional activity, but the biggest burden for getting my book title out to the masses rests on me.  I’m grateful to Lauren for the tips she shared with us on promoting your work, because she told me about some resources I had never heard of before.  I will definitely explore those options now.

The term “successful author” is a somewhat vague expression.  I have a full-time job, and writing was always a hobby.  One day, I decided I wanted to get my work published, even if no one but my own family and friends ever read it.  So for me, I’m successful.  I have my third book coming out in December, and my first two releases have definitely been purchased by more than just those closest to me.

But most of the literary world has never heard of me.  Unlike Stephenie Meyer or E L James, my debut novel didn’t have global appeal.  I wasn’t an overnight success and didn’t sell any movie rights or have requests for sequels.  (And yes, I’m sure that term “overnight success” is offensive to both Ms. Meyer and Ms. James, but you know the point I’m trying to make here).  My second novel didn’t ignite a flame either.

But as author Beverly Kendall said at the Silken Sands conference in March 2012, for most of us, it takes time.  A LOT of time.  Often years.  But you have to keep writing and keep putting new material out there.  Don’t give up and don’t lose faith.

I’m going to approach my writing career like Coach Saban approaches every ballgame.  Even though for me, his “sixty minutes” is turning into years, I am enjoying every second that I’m in the game.  And I’m still waiting on my own come-from-behind win.

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